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Gateway Clipper Dress Code

What to Wear Aboard Our
Captain’s Dinner Dance Cruise
Sunset Dinner Cruise

A frequently asked questions by many Gateway Clipper Patrons is “What is the dress code?”
Let us tell you! The Empress, Queen, Duchess & Princess are all heated and air conditioned. Each of these vessels have a third deck which is open air, so plan accordingly. The Countess is our open air boat, so dress with the forecast in mind. Check out our BOATS here.

Sightseeing & Kids Cruises

All of our sightseeing and kids cruises are laid back & meant to enjoy. There is no dress code recommendation here, wear what suits you, but always check the weather! We do suggest comfortable and sturdy foot attire as this is the safest option when boarding the boat.

Music & Dance Cruises

Many of the concert cruises are themed, so feel free to get creative! We host a yacht summer concert cruise and even a throwback prom cruise. Come ready to show your themed outfit off! If there is no theme, normal concert attire works, we recommend comfortable foot ware since you’ll be rockin’ on a boat.

Dining Cruises

Our dining cruises range in price, menu and suggested attire. Week day dining events tend to follow a CASUAL dress code. For our Holiday Captain’s Dinner & Captain’s Dinner Dance we are suggesting a DRESSY CASUAL dress code.

Click here for Casual & Dressy Casual attire- brought to you by Emily Post.


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