Policies, Guidelines & Safety

Know Before You Go

  • Chevron down Ticketing and Payment
    • Reserved Tickets are available for pick up at our Dock Ticket Office.
    • Payment for your reservation or tickets can be made by cash, credit card – we accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express –  or check. We will ONLY accept checks for ADVANCE payment meaning that your check must be received 14 days prior to your cruise sail date. When paying by check, you must present a valid photo identification card with your current address. The address shown on the check MUST match the address listed on the reservation.
    • Payment for any item purchased on board one of our vessels during a cruise can be made by cash or credit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. No checks will be accepted as payment on board a vessel. *PLEASE NOTE: When using a credit card or debit/credit card  for bar tabs, your card will post a predetermined authorization amount(s). These amounts may remain on your account up to one week dependent on the issuing institution/bank of your credit card/bank card. However, once the actual charge is accepted by your bank/institution, all pending authorization amounts will be removed from the account. Please refer to your bank’s policies on pending transactions.
    • A service fee is included in the ticket price on dining cruises for your meal service. For any drinks purchased on board, please remember a gratuity for your server or bartender.
  • Chevron down General FAQ
    • Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the stated departure time of your scheduled cruise.
    • Casual dress is acceptable on any sightseeing or dance/concert cruise. We suggest “Dressy Casual” or “Dress” attire on any dining cruise.
    • For the safety of all, we reserve the right to search any passenger.
    • All bags and/or carry-on containers are subject to inspection.
    • If assistance is needed due to a disability, please inform your reservation sales agent at time of reservation.
    • Parking is available at all Station Square Parking Lots. We recommend that you park in the West Lot (next to the Gateway Clipper) or in the Parking Garage. Please remember that the Gateway Clipper does not manage Station Square Parking. For any parking issues, please call 412-261-1993
    • All our vessels are inspected and certified by the United States Coast Guard.
  • Chevron down Restrictions
    • No firearms or weapons of any kind are permitted on premise.
    • No animals are allowed on premises unless the animal is a licensed service animal.
    • No loitering or solicitation is allowed on premises.
    • Smoking is not permitted inside any vessel. Smoking is allowed on the outer decks only.
    • No outside food or beverages are permitted on premises.
  • Chevron down Reservation Policy
    • All Sales are Final. No Refunds or Exchanges.
    • All ages are welcome aboard any dining or sightseeing cruise. All children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
    • All passengers on any dance, concert, wine or beer tasting cruise must be 21 years of age. A valid I.D. must be presented to board the boat. No one will be admitted without valid identification.
    • All dining cruises have reserved seating. If you would like to sit with another group, please inform your reservation sales agent at time of reservation. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate seating requests at the time of boarding
    • Preferred seating is available on some dining cruises for an additional fee.
    • Due to specific requests based upon need, we do not guarantee any first deck seating. If specific seating arrangements are necessary due to a disability, please inform your reservation sales agent at time of reservation.
    • All sightseeing or dance/concert cruises have open seating. There are no reserved seats.
    • The Gateway Clipper and it’s designated assignees have the right to interview, photograph or video any persons on premises. By entering our venue and/or purchasing a ticket for a cruise, you give your consent  for the release, publication, exhibition or reproduction of the above mentioned interviews, photographs, audio and/or video recordings for use in promotional materials including, but not limited to, print, radio, television, and online advertisements, web casts,  social media channels, trade or vendor shows, Gateway Clipper website and blog, or any other purpose deemed necessary by the Gateway Clipper Fleet and its assignees.
    • We cannot guarantee that a cruise will sail on a specific vessel. We  reserves the right to move any cruise to another vessel without prior notification.
    • We reserve the right to cancel, reschedule or change the time of any cruise. You will be notified of any changes.
    • All prices, entertainment, menus, times and schedules are subject to change.

Safety & Security

The Gateway Clipper Fleet is committed to providing excellent customer service in a safe and secure environment. Our vessels and crew are licensed and inspected regularly by the U.S. Coast Guard and must operate in compliance with the Marine Transportation Security Act of 2002.

  • Chevron down Security Brief Before Boarding
  • Prior to sailing, the Captain of your vessel will give a safety and security speech. We kindly ask that you listen carefully and if you have any questions or concerns at anytime during your cruise, that you contact one of our uniformed deck crew.

  • Chevron down Safety Policies
    • Passengers may be subject to search.
    • Carry on items/baggage may be subject to search.
    • Unattended items left on vessels or the dock will be removed immediately.
    • Facility and vessels are monitored by C.C.T.V.
  • Chevron down Gateway Clipper Gun Policy
  • Gateway Clipper does not permit open carry by customers. Our normal boarding procedure does not require us to search or ask any passenger if they are carrying a weapon, however, we do reserve the right to do so. If a handgun or any other weapon is revealed, whether by question or search, we will ask that a permit to carry be presented. If they do not have a permit to carry, they will need to return their weapon to their vehicle prior to boarding the vessel.

    Some examples of prohibited weapons include:

    • Firearms (pistols, revolvers, shotguns, rifles, airsoft or bb guns)
    • Knives (switchblades, gravity knives or any knife with a blade longer than 3 inches)
    • Metal Knuckles
    • Bows and Arrows
    • Tasers