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HELLO!  Welcome to the newest feature on our website – the Three Rivers Cruise Blog!  

So, what’s the blog about, you might ask?  Well, to be honest, a little bit of everything!  Of course, we are going to inform you all our wonderful Three Rivers Cruises and Tours, but we are also going to highlight all the fantastic things that make our fabulous city of Pittsburgh, well… PITTSBURGH!  

Throughout the year we are going to feature all kinds of fun things that maybe you don’t know about.  We are going to talk about history, traditions, food, jobs, holidays and so much more than just our cruises and tours sailing every weekend beginning in April.  There are so many fabulous and fun things to do in Pittsburgh every day of the week and we want you to know that!  We know that this blog is here on the Gateway Clipper website and, yes, we want to brag about who we are and what we do, but we also want all of you to enjoy your life in this region of Western Pennsylvania. Or, if you are just coming to visit Pittsburgh, we want to welcome you with open arms to one of the greatest and most vibrant cities in the United States!   

We are so excited to begin our 63rd season sailing the Three Rivers of Pittsburgh.  If you are not familiar the rivers are the Monongahela, flowing north from Fairmont, West Virginia on the south shore of Pittsburgh, the Allegheny, flowing south from East Brady, Pennsylvania on the north shore of city, and the confluence of both rivers at the Point in downtown Pittsburgh form the great Ohio River that flows west to Cairo, Illinois into the grandest American river, the Mighty Mississippi. 

Well, let’s talk about what’s new at the Clipper and in Pittsburgh post Covid-19!  Well, for all of us in the hospitality and attraction industry the landscape has been mowed over.  Many wonderful establishments have closed, and others are just getting back on their feet. Here at the Clipper, the going has been tough, but we were fortunate to be able to sail with limited interruptions during the entire pandemic. In 2021, we were so excited to see all our friends cruising the three rivers aboard our Pittsburgh Dinner Cruises and One Hou Sightseeing Tours.  And, now we are looking forward to a more regular schedule of featured cruises and tours throughout 2022!   Your favorite cruises are going to be back, and we may surprise you with a few new features and upgrades on these cruises during 2022. You’ll just have to wait and SEE!  One thing that we can share is that Wednesdays are going to be a fun day out on the Three Rivers this summer! A fun weekday thing to do in Pittsburgh is our kid-themed cruises – Princesses, Superheroes and Trolls & Pups – will be back to get the kids out of the house and out of your hair – ha-ha!  And we are introducing our all-new Showboat Luncheon Cruises on select Wednesdays this summer.  Can’t get tickets to see Elton John at PNC Park?  Well, come on down to the rivers and see our “ELTON JOHN”, enjoy lunch, and have fantastic day out in Pittsburgh!  Speaking of the stadiums, did you see how many concerts are back in the ‘Burgh this summer?  Kenny Chesney at Heinz Field, Elton John, Billy Joel, Metallica, and a bunch of 80s hairbands at PNC Park!  Wow, what a line up and we can get you there aboard our Clipper shuttle to the stadiums!   And, we bet you can’t wait to see who the new starting QB is for the Pittsburgh Steelers – neither can we!   But the one thing we are most excited to see at these great Pittsburgh attractions is PEOPLE in the seats!  So glad to see that our city is coming back to life!

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