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In many cities, going on a riverboat tour is all about nature – trees, riverbanks, being on the water. But in the Steel City, Pittsburgh riverboat tours are all about seeing spectacular Pittsburgh attractions. Unlike other cruises, the Gateway Clipper takes you right through the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh. Wondering what you’ll see on your next Gateway Clipper cruise? Looking for what to do in Pittsburgh?

Here are five of our favorite sights along the way:

The Golden Triangle

One of Pittsburgh’s oldest and most notable attractions is the Golden Triangle. This section of Pittsburgh is notable for its skyscrapers and beautiful riverfront architecture. Many major companies are headquartered in this area, and lend their names to the towering buildings. The Golden Triangle has undergone some changes throughout the years. Today, the perfect place to appreciate its beauty is from the river, away from traffic and with enough distance to take in the beautiful buildings.

The Point

The Point wasn’t always as beautiful as it is today. In fact, in years past, the place where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers converged was simply a place for major roadways to come together. As the above video shows, in the 50s, The Point was entirely restructured around a large park. The large fountain that graces the tip of the park was shut down for many years, it reopened in June 2013. The Gateway Clipper gives you the perfect place to enjoy the serene fountain and even do a little people-watching from afar.

PNC Park

One of the most famous Pittsburgh attractions you’ll see from the deck of a Gateway Clipper riverboat tour is PNC Park. This Major League Baseball stadium is known for its classic styling, taking its cue from a historical Pittsburgh stadium, Forbes Field. The river just outside the stadium is a popular place for small boats to dock in hopes of catching a ball or viewing fireworks. If you take a riverboat tour on a game day, listen up for cheering crowds!

The Inclines

Pittsburgh’s famed funiculars, the Inclines, are a unique feature of the city. While the city used to have many of these inclined railways, today, only two are in operation. The Duquesne Incline and the Monongahela Incline take passengers up and down Mount Washington every day. From the deck of a Gateway Clipper boat, you can see these inclines in operation – a rare sight, these days!

Heinz Field

Attending a football game at Heinz Field  is one of the most popular activities in Pittsburgh. It’s also a popular activity in Gotham City, if 2013’s Dark Knight Rises is any indication – Heinz Field doubled as the home field for the Gotham Knight Rogues in this blockbuster movie! Heinz Field opened in 2001, along with PNC Park. Prior to these fields opening, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Pirates shared Forbes Field.

Pittsburgh has plenty of history behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you want to learn more about this beautiful city, there’s no better place than the deck of a riverboat tour. Uncovering the history of some famous Pittsburgh attractions and learning more about them was never so relaxing! Want to see for yourself? Book your riverboat tour today!

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