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Three Rivers Sightseeing Cruise

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Children (1 - 12 years old)

Cruise The Three Pittsburgh Rivers

The only way to see the City and truly learn about her past, present, and future is aboard one of our Pittsburgh river cruises. Your tour begins on the Monongahela River and continues on both the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers, all while our captain and narrator relay the interesting facts, tales, and river lore that make Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania so special!

Trip Details:

  • Experience a one-hour tour sailing the Pittsburgh River including the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio River
  • All sightseeing cruises feature an onboard snack bar and full service bar for purchase
  • Not all sailing times are available in April, May, October, November, and December. Due to USCG directives, there are times when we are unable to sail all Three Rivers.

Tour Schedule:

2020 Tour Themes:

Classic Sightseeing Tour:

Our classic tour provides an overview of the city, highlighting significant buildings, landmarks, bridges, and lush landscape visible from the Three Rivers. Enjoy learning about these amazing sites as our captain and on-board narrator share fun and historic stories about life in Pittsburgh and on the rivers!

PITTSBURGH:  How It All Began:

Join us on a journey into Pittsburgh’s past as our captain and on-board narrator share the importance of the region’s role in the French & Indian War, the Whiskey Rebellion, and the Civil War. Learn about Pittsburgh’s early days as a frontier village, discover how it became the “Gateway to the West,” and learn about its storied history as world leader in the production of glass, iron, and steel.

Fascinating, Fun & Unique Pittsburgh:

Whether you are visiting Pittsburgh or are a born ‘n bred “Yinzer,” this cruise provides a fun and entertaining look at what makes Pittsburgh and her people so unique. Learn about the World Records the city holds, find out about the creation of the first emojicon (yep, happened here first!), hear about the mysterious B-25 Bomber that may or may not be in the Monongahela River, along with other tales of lore from around the region!

City of Champions:

Come aboard and learn why the City of Pittsburgh has earned the moniker the “City of Champions!” This tour highlights the memorable sports moments and the legendary athletes from the city along with the locations of the sporting venues past and present.  Hear little known facts, details and stories about Pittsburgh’s favorite professional and college teams and the great athletes that were born and raised right here in Western Pennsylvania!  Want to know what it means to bleed BLACK & GOLD?  Where did the TERRIBLE TOWEL come from?And, who exactly were the STEAGLES?