Pittsburgh Dining & Sightseeing Riverboat Tours


4packwebsiteWe’ve been a part of your life since you were a kid –a ride with Mom and Dad on the Good Ship Lollipop Sightseeing Tour. We were there when you thought you were so grown up at your Senior Prom.  We smiled with you when you married your best friend aboard a Pittsburgh dining and riverboat extravaganza.  And we are are still with you when you bring your kids aboard to experience the awe of our glorious skyline aboard a Pittsburgh Riverboat. And many tomorrows down the road?  We will still be here congratulating you and your best friend on your 50th Anniversary.  Your celebrations in life are priceless moments spent with those most important to you. Thank you for celebrating aboard the Gateway Clipper Fleet where great cruises make great memories!!


Captain’s Dinner Dance
One Hour Sightseeing
Good Ship Lollipop
Three Rivers Barbecue
Evening Sightseeing
TGIF Dinner
Rock, Lock & Dam Dinner
Pirate Lunch & Dinner
Sunday Brunch
Moonlight Dance
Wine Tasting
Princess Cruise
Superhero Cruise
Sunday Dinner
Ice Cream Social
Casino Luncheon
 Picnic Luncheon
Fall Foliage
Beer Festival
Murder Mystery
Halloween Fun
Light Up Night
Thanksgiving Dinner
Santa Fun
Santa Breakfast
Holiday Dinner
Holiday Luncheon
Princess Holiday Ball
Blues Cruise
New Year’s Eve
Valentine’s Day Dinner
Bunny Fun
Easter Dining
Mother’s Day Dining
4th of July Dinner
Polka Cruise

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