Safety & Security

The Gateway Clipper Fleet is committed to providing excellent customer service in a safe and secure environment. Our vessels and crew are licensed and inspected regularly by the U.S. Coast Guard and must operate in compliance with the Marine Transportation Security Act of 2002.

Prior to sailing, the Captain of your vessel will give a safety and security speech. We kindly ask that you listen carefully and if you have any questions or concerns at anytime during your cruise, that you contact one of our uniformed deck crew.

  • Passengers may be subject to search.
  • Carry on items/baggage may be subject to search.
  • Unattended items left on vessels or the dock will be removed immediately.
  • Facility and vessels are monitored by C.C.T.V.

Thank you for celebrating aboard the Gateway Clipper Fleet, where great cruises make great memories!

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm
9am – 7pm

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